Rick Thompson, Chris Debesis & Amy Larson

SpectraSource Inc.

Chris Debsis is the Director of Operations/Process Improvement/Data Analysis for Mercury Notifications and has been since March of 2020, when Mercury Notifications became its own company, prior to that he worked with Mercury mass notification emergency communication solutions, under the Lencore name. This has given him a number of years of experience in managing, designing, and collaborating with engineering teams, life safety teams, and end users to provide a comprehensive life safety solution for their projects.


Rick Thompson joined Mercury Notifications in June of 2021, he brought with him 30 years of experience in management roles for professional audio and other technology products, giving him experience in understanding the distributed audio and the importance that plays in a life safety solution.


Amy Larson has been with SpectraSource for almost 6 years, covering both the Iowa and Nebraska territory. With SpectraSource’s acoustical and life safety solutions, she has been focused on making spaces more comfortable, productive, and safe for all occupants in a facility. This has allowed to her to work with engineers, architects, designers, and end users to create spaces that, not only do people want to be in, they can thrive in.

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