This page has links to download presentations from prior events.

12/20/2017 Advanced Smoke Detection by Xtralis presented by Rory Manley here: PowerPoint or PDF.

11/15/2017 Hybrid Fire Suppression by Victaulic presented by Mark Martella here.

4/19/2017 High Expansion Foam and Suppression Systems for DoD Hangars by Brian Erbstoesser here.

3/15/2017 Special Inspection Requirements 2012 Building and Life Safety Codes presented by Matt Ruhrer here.

2/15/2017 CO2 Fire Suppression & Storage Systems presented by Dale Shirley.  Presentation1 & Presentation2.

1/18/2017 Protectowire Firesystems presented by Brenton Harris here.

11/16/2016 Won-Door presented by David Larsen here.

10/19/2016 Marioff HI-FOGG Water Mist System Fire Protection presented by Lorraine Smith here.

9/25/2016 The 2016 SFPE North America Conference & Expo: “Engineering for Peak Performance”. The presentations and photos from the meeting are available here.

9/21/2016 2000 to 2012 Life Safety Code meeting presented by Doug Hohbein & Megan Talbott here.

2/17/2016 NFPA 241 Standard for Safeguarding Construction, Alteration, and Demolition Operations meeting presented by Matt Ruhrer here.

12/16/2015 Fire and Smoke Dampers - Where are they required? meeting presented by Shane Cherney here.

5/20/2015 Meeting presented by Martin Gesho FP2FIRE here.

2/19/2014 Meeting presented by Antonio Torres Honeywell here.


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